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Respite Care

Empowering people with diverse abilities to succeed.

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What is Respite Care?

Respite is a program that offers personalized support, love and attention to children, youth, and adults with a qualifying disability. It provides valuable time-off for their families or care givers. Our respite program is here to help your family receive a quality service that brings peace, balance, and strength to your home. We employ a small pool of providers, but we encourage you to recommend someone like a close personal friend, family member, or somebody else you are comfortable with. Once that person completes our hiring process and is approved you can begin using your respite care provider.

Who is a Respite Care Provider/Worker?

A respite care provider is a trained individual  that comes to your home to care for your child, youth, or adult so you can do something else. Maybe your something else is taking a nap, or maybe you want to go shopping, or go to a spa, or just go out for dinner with friends and family. Whatever your something else is, our respite program can give you peace of mind while you do it.

We meet with each provider two times before completing the hiring process. We ask specific questions during the interview process to reveal their character and get to know them. Many of the people who apply to be respite care providers are already paraprofessionals working closely with students in local schools. Others have proven themselves as group leaders or inclusion assistants working in our Get SET summer program. Still others are men and women who would like to pursue a career in this field and just have a heart for people with diverse abilities.

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Our Respite Care Providers...

How to Receive Respite Services

In order to receive services the child, youth, or adult you care for must be a client of Far Northern Regional Center. Rowell currently offers respite services within Shasta and Tehama counties. We are looking to expand into Siskiyou and Trinity counties if the family can recommend a respite care worker.

If you would like to receive respite please reach out to your Far Northern Service Coordinator. They can be reached at (530) 222-4791. Ask them to send Rowell a referral for respite services. Once we receive the referral our staff will contact you about the program and mail you the family paperwork. Once the family paperwork is filled out and returned to us respite services can begin.

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Interested in Becoming a Respite Care Provider?

We’re always looking for people with compassionate hearts and a desire to help families. See our Jobs page for more info including the job description and details about how to apply.